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Funds and  Schemes of UTI Mutual fund (Latest NAV, Performance, Chart and Dividend history)



UTI Master Share Unit Scheme (Growth Plan)

UTI Master Share Unit Scheme (Dividend Plan)

UTI Equity Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Equity Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Top 100 Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Top 100 Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Multi Cap Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Multi Cap Fund (Dividend Plan)


UTI Dividend Yield Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Dividend Yield Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Opportunities Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Opportunities Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Bluechip Flexicap Fund

UTI MNC Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI MNC Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Mid Cap Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Mid Cap Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Lifestyle Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Lifestyle Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Infrastructure Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Infrastructure Fund (Dividend Plan)


UTI Banking Sector Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Banking Sector Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Pharma and Healthcare Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Pharma and Healthcare Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Energy Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Energy Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Transportation and Logistics Fund (Dividend Plan)


UTI Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving) Plan (Growth Plan)

UTI Long Term Equity Fund (Tax Saving) Plan (Dividend Plan)

UTI Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme

UTI Long Term Advantage Fund Series 1 (Growth Plan)

UTI Long Term Advantage Fund Series 1 (Dividend Plan)

UTI Long Term Advantage Fund Series 2 (Growth Plan)

UTI Long Term Advantage Fund Series 2 (Dividend Plan)


UTI Spread Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Spread Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (Growth Plan)

UTI Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme (Dividend Plan)



UTI Nifty Index Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Nifty Index Fund (Dividend Plan)



UTI Balanced Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Balanced Fund (Dividend Plan)


UTI Unit Linked Insurance Plan

UTI Charitable and Religious Trusts and Registered Societies

UTI Childrens Career Balanced Plan

UTI Retirement Benefit Pension Fund

UTI Mahila Unit Scheme (Growth Plan)

UTI CCP Advantage Fund


UTI Monthly Income Scheme (Growth Plan)

UTI Monthly Income Scheme (Dividend Plan)

UTI MIS Advantage Plan



UTI Bond Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Bond Fund (Dividend Plan)

UTI Short Term Income Fund

UTI Dynamic Bond Fund

UTI Floating Rate Fund

UTI Treasury Advantage Fund - Institutional (Growth Plan)

UTI Gilt Advantage Fund - Long Term Plan (Growth Plan)

UTI G-Sec Fund - Short Term Plan

UTI Income Opportunities Fund (Growth Plan)

UTI Banking and PSU Debt Fund

UTI Medium Term Fund


UTI Money Market Fund

UTI – Liquid Cash Plan

UTI – Liquid Cash Plan - NAV, Performance & Chart - Click here (Moneycontrol .com india)

UTI MASTERSHARE UNIT SCHEME (An open-ended equity scheme)

This scheme aims at securing for the unitholders capital appreciation by investing the funds of the scheme in equity shares, eqity-related instruments and fully convertible bonds/debentures of companies. Invest may also be made in issues of partly convertible debentures/bonds including those issued on rights basis subject to the condition that, as far as possible, the nonconvertible portion of the debentures/bonds so acquired or subscribed shall be disinvested within a period of twelve months from the date of acquisition.

UTI EQUITY FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

This scheme primarily aims at securing for the unitholders capital appreciation by investing the funds of the scheme in equity shares and convertible and non-convertible bonds/debentures of companies with good growth prospects and money market instruments.

UTI TOP 100 FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

Thie fund aims to provide long term capital appreciation/dividend distribution by investing predominantly in equity and equity related instruments of top 100 stocks by market capitalization. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives of the schemes will be realised.

UTI MNC FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

The Funds collected under the scheme shall be invested predominantly in stocks of Multinational Corporations and other liquid stocks. The funds collected under the scheme shall be invested in equities and equity related instruments. The risk profile of investment could be high.

UTI INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide income distribution and / or medium to long term “capital appreciation” by investing predominantly in equity/equity related instruments in the companies engaged either directly or indirectly in the infrastructure growth of the Indian economy However, there is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved.

UTI MID CAP FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

Investment objective is “capital appreciation” by investing primarily in mid cap stocks.

UTI DIVIDEND YIELD FUND (An open-ended equity scheme)

The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide medium to long term capital gain and /or dividend distribution by investing predominantly in equity and equity related instruments, which offerhigh dividend yield. There can be no assurance that the investment objectives of the scheme will be realised.

UTI OPPORTUNITIES FUND (An Open-ended equity scheme)

This scheme seeks to generate capital appreciation and/or income distribution by investing the funds of the scheme in equity shares and equity-related instruments. The main focus of this scheme is to capitalize on opportunities arising in the market by responding to the dynamically changing Indian economy by moving its investments amongst different sectors as prevailing trends change.

Address and Phone Numbers of Unit Trust of India - Branches in Kerala  

UTI Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram Office
UTI Thiruvananthapuram Office

Unit Trust of India / UTI Mutual Fund,
1st Floor, Saran Chambers,
Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum, Kerala
Phone: 0471-2723674

UTI Thrissur / Trichur Office
Unit Trust of India / UTI Mutual Fund,
Kollannur Devassy Building,
1st Floor, Town Hall Road,
Thrissur Town, Thrissur - 680020
Phone: 0487-2331259, 0487-2331495

UTI Ernakulam Office
Unit Trust of India / UTI Mutual Fund,
Ground Floor, Palackal Building,
Chitoor Road, Ernakulam-682011
Phone: 0484-2380259

UTI Kottayam Office
Unit Trust of India / UTI Mutual Fund,
Phone: 0481-2560734

UTI Kozhikode / Calicut Office
Unit Trust of India / UTI Mutual Fund,
Phone: 0495-2367284

Unit Trust of India

Unit Trust of India is a financial organisation in INDIA, which was created by the UTI Act passed by the Parliament of India on 30 December 1963 under the direction of Col. Akash Behl. He had fought very hard and intensely to get this organisation come into reality.[1] For more than two decades it remained the sole vehicle for investment in the capital market by the Indian citizens. In mid- 1980s public sector banks were allowed to open mutual funds. The real vibrancy and competition in the MF industry came with the setting up of the Regulator SEBI and its laying down the MF Regulations in 1993.UTI maintained its pre-eminent place till 2001, when a massive decline in the market indices and negative investor sentiments after the Ketan Parekh scam created doubts about the capacity of UTI to meet its obligations to the investors. This was further compounded by two factors; namely, its flagship and largest scheme US 64 was sold and re-purchased not at intrinsic NAV but at artificial price and its Assured Return Schemes had promised returns as high as 18% over a period going up to two decades.

As of 2010, UTI has 10 million investors.

Fearing a run on the institution and possible impact on the whole market Government came out with a rescue package and change of management in 2001.Subsequently, the UTI Act was repealed and the institution was bifurcated into two parts .UTI Mutual Fund was created as a SEBI registered fund like any other mutual fund. The assets and liabilities of schemes where Government had to come out with a bail-out package were taken over directly by the Government in a new entity called Specified Undertaking of UTI, SUUTI. SUUTI still holds around 11.66 percent stake in Axis Bank, 11.77 percent in ITC and 8.18 percent in L&T.

UTI Mutual Fund is promoted by the four of the largest Public Sector Financial Institutions as sponsors, viz., State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank with each of them presently holding an 18.5% stake in the paid up capital of UTI AMC. T Rowe Price Group Inc (TRP Group) through its wholly owned subsidiary T Rowe Price International Ltd. (TRP) has acquired a 26% stake in UTI Asset Management Company Limited (UTI AMC).

Certain reforms like improving the salary from PSU levels and effecting a VRS were carried out UTI lost its market dominance rapidly and by end of 2005,when the new share-holders actually paid the consideration money to Government its market share had come down to close to 10%!

A new board was constituted and a new management inducted. Systematic study of its problems role and functions was carried out with the help of a reputed international consultant. Fresh talent was recruited from the private market, organizational structure was changed to focus on newly emerging investor and distributor groups and massive changes in investor services and funds management carried out. Once again UTI has emerged as a serious player in the industry. Some of the funds have won famous awards, including the Best Infra Fund globally from Lipper. UTI has been able to benchmark its employee compensation to the best in the market, has introduced Performance Related Payouts and ESOPs.

The UTI Asset Management Company has its registered office at: UTI Tower, Gn Block, Bandra — Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051.It has over 70 schemes in domestic MF space and has the largest investor base of over 9 million in the whole industry. It is present in over 450 districts of the country and has 150 branches called UTI Financial Centres or UFCs. About 50% of the total IFAs in the industry work for UTI in distributing its products! India Posts, PSU Banks and all the large Private and Foreign Banks have started distributing UTI products. The total average Assets Under Management (AUM) for the month of June 2008 was Rs. 530 billion and it ranked fourth. In terms of equity AUM it ranked second and in terms of Equity and Balanced Schemes AUM put together it ranked FIRST in the industry. This measure indicates its revenue- earning capacity and its financial strength.

Besides running domestic MF Schemes UTI AMC is also a registered portfolio manager under the SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations. It runs different portfolios for its HNI and Institutional clients. It is also running a Sharia Compliant portfolio for its Offshore clients. UTI tied up with Shinsei Bank of Japan to run a large size India-centric portfolio for Japanese investors.


(a) Please read the terms of the Key Information Memorandum, Scheme Information Documents and Statement of Additional Information carefully before filling the Application Form. Investors should also apprise themselves of the prevailing Load structure on the date of submitting the Application Form. Investors are deemed to have accepted the terms subject to which this offer is being made and bind themselves to the terms upon signing the Application Form and tendering payment.

(b) Before submission of application form at UTI Financial Centres and other authorised collection centres investors may please ensure that the form has been filled in completely and signed by all the applicants properly as incomplete application is liable to be rejected.

(c) NRI applicants should preferably submit the application at NRI Branch, Mumbai, Dubai Representative Office or any Financial Centre of UTI AMC along with NR(E) / NR(O) cheque or a rupee draft payable at the place where the application is submitted.

(d) Please write the application serial number on the reverse of the cheque / draft.

(e) Please fill in the names of the applicant(s) / beneficiary / alternate child (if any) / institution / parent or lawful guardian / minor / alternate applicant/ nominee etc. at the appropriate places in the application form. PIN code no. must be given with address to avoid delay / loss in transit.

(f) Attach any one of the documents as proof of date of birth and relationship with minor viz., birth certificate, School leaving certificate/mark sheet issued by Higher Secondary Board of respective states, ICSE, CBSE etc., Passport of the minor or any other suitable proof evidencing the date of birth and relationship with the minor.

(g) It is mandatory for an applicant to furnish full and correct particulars of bank account such as nature and number of the account, name and address of the bank, name of the branch, MICR code of the branch (where applicable) etc. at the appropriate place in the application form. Application without such bank particulars is liable to be rejected. If the credit of dividend distribution is delayed or not effected at all for reason of incomplete or incorrect information furnished by the applicant, UTI AMC cannot be held responsible.

(h) If you have invested through a distributor, kindly specify the Name and ARN Code, Sub ARN Code of the distributor, else for Direct Investment, please mention “Direct” in the Column “Name & Broker Code/ARN / Sub ARN Code”. In case nothing is specified, then by default, the Broker Code will be treated as Direct and the application form will be treated as Direct Application.

(i) Transaction Charges
Pursuant to SEBI circular no. CIR/IMD/DF/13/2011 dated August 22, 2011, a transaction charge of ` 100/- for existing investors and ` 150/- in the case of first time investor in Mutual Funds, per subscription of ` 10,000/- and above, respectively, is to be paid to the distributors of UTI Mutual Fund products. However, there shall be no transaction charges on direct investment/s not made through the distributor/financial advisor etc. There shall be no transaction charge on subscription below ` 10,000/-. The transaction charge, if any, shall be deducted by UTI AMC from the subscription amount and paid to the distributor and the balance shall be invested. Allocation of Units under the scheme will be Net of Transaction Charges. The Statement of Account (SoA) would also reflect the same. If the investor has not ticked in the Application form whether he/she is an existing/new investor, then by default, the investor will be treated as an existing investor and transaction charges of ` 100/- will be deducted for investments of ` 10,000/- and above and paid to distributor/financial advisor etc., whose information is provided by the investor in the Application form. However, where the investor has mentioned ‘Direct Plan’ against the scheme name, the Distributor code will be ignored and the Application will be processed under ‘Direct Plan’ in which case no transaction charges will be paid to the distributor. Upfront commission shall be paid directly by the investor to the AMFI registered Distributors based on the investors’ assessment of various factors including the service rendered by the distributor. For details on opting in/out by distributors for charging transaction charges etc., refer to SAI/SID.

(j) Direct Plan
Direct Plan is for all category of eligible investors (whether existing or new Unitholders) who purchase/subscribe Units directly with the Fund and is not available for investors who route their investments through a Distributor. The Direct Plan will be a separate plan under the Fund/Scheme and shall have a lower expense ratio excluding distribution expenses, commission etc and will have a separate NAV. No commission shall be paid from Direct Plan. Portfolio of the scheme under the Existing Plan and Direct Plan will be common. For further details refer to SAI.

(k) ‘Friend In Need’ details will be used by UTI MF only for ascertaining the present address of the unit holder (without disclosing investment details of the investor) if no response is received from the unit holder on sending communication in any form to his/her registered address or e-mail ID, if available, atleast for two occasions. For further details, please refer to SAI.

(l) SEBI has made it mandatory for all applicants, irrespective of amount of investment, to furnish Income Tax PAN (PAN not applicable to Micro SIP). An application without PAN will be rejected. Investors are required to provide the photocopy (self attested by the investor) of the PAN card along with the application form. If the investment is in the name of minor the PAN of the minor or his father / mother / guardian whose particulars are provided in the application form is to be provided. Investment & Payment Details

(m) The cheque/draft accompanying an application should be made payable in favour of “The name of the scheme”. In the case of ‘Direct Plan’, the cheque/draft shall be payable in favour of “the name of the scheme-Direct Plan”.

(n) Outstation cheques are not accepted. In case the payment is made by demand draft, the draft commission will have to be borne by the applicants. However for investment made from areas where there are no UTI Financial Centres or authorised collection centres (where local cheques are accepted), UTI AMC may, if it so decides, bear draft charges to the extent of ` 250/- per application or the actual as is prescribed by banks, whichever is lower or such amount as may be decided by UTI AMC from time to time. The investors have to attach proof of the DD charges paid to a bank (i.e. acknowledgement issued by the bank where DD is purchased). The reimbursement/adjustment of DD charges is solely at the discretion of UTI AMC and in case if it is found that such charges are unreasonably higher than normal market rates, such charges may not be admissible. For further details refer to SAI/SID of the scheme.

(o) UTI AMC/MF shall not accept application for subscription of units accompanied with Third Party Payment except in certain exceptional cases as may be permitted. For details please refer to SAI.

Payment Modes
(p) No money orders, outstation cheques, post-dated cheques [except through Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)/Micro SIP] and postal orders will be accepted. However, cash payment to the extent of ` 20,000/- per investor, per Mutual Fund, per financial year through designated branches of Axis Bank will be accepted (even from such small investors who may not be tax payers and may not have Permanent Account Number (PAN)/bank accounts), subject to the following procedure:-
i. Investors who desire to invest upto ` 20,000/- per financial year shall contact any of our UTI UFCs and obtain a Form for Deposit of Cash and fill-up the same.
ii. Investors shall then approach the designated branch of Axis Bank along with the duly filled-in Form for Deposit of Cash and deposit the cash and deposit the cash.
iii. Axis Bank will provide an Acknowledgement slip containing the details of Date & Time of deposit, Unique serial number, Scheme Name, Name of the Investor and Cash amount deposited. The Investors shall attach the Acknowledgement slip with the duly filled-in application form and submit them at the UFCs for time stamping. For further details please refer to SAI.

(q) Know Your Customer (KYC) Norms:
Common Standard KYC through CDSL Ventures Ltd (CVL) is applicable for all categories of investors and for any amount of investment. KYC done once with a SEBI registered intermediary will be valid with another intermediary. Intermediaries shall carry out In-Person Verification (IPV) of their clients. For further details related to KYC, please refer to SAI/SID of the respective scheme. PAN-Exemption for micro financial products Only individual Investors (including NRIs, Minors & Sole proprietary firms) who do not have a PAN, and who wish to invest upto ` 50000/- in a financial year under any Scheme including investments, if any, under SIPs shall be exempted from the requirement of PAN on submission of duly filled in purchase application forms, payment amount/instrument and KYC application form with other prescribed documents towards proof of identity as specified by SEBI. For all other categories of investors, this exemption is not applicable. Please refer to the SAI for further details on KYC.

(r) Aadhar Card
In addition to KYC compliance proof / self attested PAN Card copy, the investors are advised to provide Aadhar Card No., if any.

(s) Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) The AMC will issue a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) for each calendar month to the investor in whose folios transactions has taken place during that month and such statement will be issued on or before the 10th day of the succeeding month detailing all the transactions and holding at the end of month including transaction charges paid to the distributor, if any, across all schemes of all mutual funds. Further, CAS as above, will also be issued every half yearly (September/March), on or before the 10th day of succeeding month detailing holding at the end of the sixth month, across all schemes of all mutual funds, to all such investors in whose folios no transactions has taken place during that period. The word “transaction” for the purposes of CAS would include purchase, redemption, switch, dividend payout, dividend reinvestment, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), Systematic Transfer of Investment Plan (STRIP), bonus transactions and merger, if any. However, Folios under Micropension arrangement shall be exempted from the issuance of CAS. For further details on other Folios exempted from issuance of CAS, PAN related matters of CAS etc, please refer to SAI.

(t) E-mail communication: Unitholders who have opted to receive documents/communication by e-mail will be required to download and print the documents/communication after receiving the e-mail from UTI AMC. Should the unitholder experience any difficulty in accessing the electronically delivered documents/communication, the unitholder should advise the Registrars immediately to enable UTI AMC to send the same through alternate means. In case of non receipt of any such intimation of difficulty within 24 hours from receiving the e-mail, it will be regarded as receipt of email by the unitholder. It is deemed that the unitholder is aware of all the security risks including possible third party interception of the documents/communications and contents of the same becoming known to third parties. SMS and Email on the registered address of the investor shall be sent confirming the number of unit allotted within 5 business days from the date of transaction.

(u) Abridged Annual Report:
The unitholders whose Email ID is registered with UTI Mutual Fund will receive Abridged Annual Report by email unless indicated by the investor otherwise to receive the physical copy. The scheme-wise Abridged Annual report will also be made available on the website of UTI Mutual Fund (

(v) Note on EUIN: Investors should mention the EUIN of the person who has advised the investor. If left blank, please sign the declaration provided in the application form. EUIN will assist in tackling the problem of mis-selling even if the employee/relationship manager/sales person leave the employment of the ARN holder /Sub broker.

Applicability of EUIN :
a. Transactions to be included - Purchases, Switches, SIP/ STP / STP Triggers registration, Dividend Transfer Plan registration.
b. Transactions to be excluded – Auto SIP/ STP / SWP / STP Triggers Installments, Dividend Reinvestments, Bonus Units, Redemption, SWP Registration, Zero Balance Folio creation and Dividend Transfer Plan installments.

Instructions Cums Terms and Conditions For SIP & Micro SIP

1) Please refer the SID, SAI, Key information Memorandum all instructions, addenda issued from time to time and our website for instructions, terms and conditions, Applicable NAV, Risk Factors, Load and other information, various requirement of the respective schemes /Plan before investing. It is deemed that the investor has agreed to all the terms and conditions as prevailing on the date of the application / investment. SIP / Micro SIP is offered with Monthly and Quarterly periodicity.
2) I understand and agree that moble number and email id registered / updated in the folio given will be replaced with the moble number and email id provided by overleaf. I will receive the alerts sent by UTI Mutual Fund to act on my instructions sent through SMS vide my mobile number registered with UTIMF.
3) Any day SIP: Investor may choose any date between 1st and 31st of the month as their SIP date. In case SIP date is left blank, the date mentioned in the Sip Start date will be considered as SIP date. In case the SIP Start date is left blank, SIP date opted by the investor falling 21 days from the date of submission of the applications shall be taken as the SIP Start date. If the frequency is not ticked by the investor, Monthly will be taken as frequency be default. However, the above is subject to the acceptance of the investors’ mandate by his / her bank. There is no stipulated period up to which a SIP / Micro SIP can be under operation. However, if no period is specified period ended December 2099 will  be  taken by default. Investors are required to submit the SIP forms atleast 21 days prior to the first SIP opted.
4) If requency in the Mandate to Bank is left blank then by default the same will be taken as “As and When presented”
5) If the SIP and / Micro SIP amount is not mentioned by the investor in the SIP from, then by default, the same will be taken as Rs.500/- under the monthly option and Rs.1500/- under the quarterly option.
6) New Fund Offer: Inverstors may submit the mandate From during the NFO period for such Schemes as may be decided by AMC from time to time. In such cases, the mandate shall commence on the dates stipulated by the investor after a gap of 20 days from the time to reopening of the Schemes for purchase and redemption of units. For example, if the units of the Scheme reopens for purchase and redemption post NFO on 16th December, the earliest instalment can be only on 3rd of January of the following year.
7. Minimum amount: The minimum amount of each investment of SIP / Micro SIP is RS.500/- (for monthly option) and Rs.1500/- (for Quarterly option) for all the Schemes except for UTI Floating Rate Fund-Reqular Plan and Direct Plan. The Minimum amount is Rs.2500/- (for Monthly Option) and Rs.7500/- (for Quarterly Option) and in multiples of Rs.1. However, investors desiring to start SIP / Micro SIP in a dividend plan of any of the Debt Schemes are required to have a minimum investment of Rs.5000/- Minimum application amount as specified in the respective SID of the Schemes of (UTI Mutual Fund) is not applicable in case of transations through SIP.
8. Unit Allotment: Units will be allotted at NAV based purchase price declared on the applicable SIP date opted by the investors of the month of quarter. In case date falls on a non business day or falls during a book closure period, the immediate next business day will be taken in to account for the purpose of determining the price. However, if the SIP amount is equal to or more than Rs.2,00,000/- the unit allotment will be as per the NAV applicable for the date of realization of the investment amount.
9) The applications will be received at all official points of acceptance of UTI Asset Management Company (UTIAMC). Outstation Cheques will not be accepted. Only CTS-2010 compliant cheques  are allowed.
10) Account Statement: An Account Statement will be sent to the unit holder through Email where ever email id is registered. The physical statement would be dispatched to the unit holders once in 6 months.
11) Investors can choose to discontinue this facility by giving one month written notice to the registrar of the Schemes. In case of 4 consecutive failures of SIP instalments due insufficient funds.UTI MF reserves the right to terminate such SIP without a written request from the investor.
12) It will be sole responsibility of the investor’s bank and  / or branch to ensure proper registration of the debit mandate and confirm its registration investor will not hold UTI MF or its service  providers responsible if the transation is delayed or declined or not effected or the investor’s band account is debited in advance or after the specific SIP date due to various clearing cycles of ECS / local holidays. Investors will not hold UTI MF or it’s service providers responsible for non allotment of Units for SIP / Micro SIP if the payment is not received from the Unit Holders bank for various reasons.
13) UTI MF or its other service providers shall not be responsible and liable for any damages / compensations for any loss, damage, etcs, incurred by the investor assumes the entire risk of using this facility and takes full responsibility in case all the cheques are not attached with intial SIP application UTI MF shall not be responsible for discontinuation of SIP due to non receipt of subsequent cheques in time.
14) UTI MF reserves the right to reject SIP / Debt Madate without assigned any reasons therefor.
15) If you have invested through a distributor kindly specify the name of financial advisor and ARN Code of the distributor, Sub ARN Code and EUIN else, for Direct investment, Please mention ‘Direct’ in the column ‘Name of Financial Advisor’ and ‘Sub Code / ARN’ in case nothing is specified then by default, the Sub Code will be treated as Direct and the application form will be treated as Direct Application.
16) Direct Plan: Investor subscribing under direct plan of the Schemes will have to indicate ‘Direct Plan’ against the Scheme Name in the Application form, Example ‘UTI Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan’ Investors should also indicate ‘Direct’ in the application form. However in case distributor code is mentioned in the application form, but ‘Direct Plan’ is indicated against the Schemes name, the distributor code will be ignored and the application will be processed under the Direct Plan in case investors do not indicate his /her choice and no ARN code is mentioned it will be treated as Direct application and accordingly considered under ‘Direct Plan’.
17) It will be the sole responsibility of the unit holder(s) bank and its branch to ensure proper registration of the debt mandate and confirm registration. If no confirmation of registration / rejection is received, the AMC /RTA /its agents wil deem the same to be registered and confirm the registration to unit holders entirely at the rist of unit holder(s). In case of rejection of SIP form for any reason what so ever, the UTI MF will not entertain any request for refund of proceeds of the first cheque which is already realized. Investors may redeem the units allotted through first cheque at applicable NAV.
18) The unit holder(s) agree that, UTI MF / itsRTA and their agents shall not be held liable for any unsuccessful registration and /or transation due to any action of inaction of the unit holder’s hank including but not limited to the reasons mentioned below and agree to indemnity UTI MF / UTIAMC / RTA for all liabilities, losses, damages and expenses which they may consequently  incur or sustain either directly of indirectly.
a. Non acceptance or rejection of debit mandate for whatsoever reason by the unit holder(s) bank branch, with or without any reasons assigned by the unit holder(s) bank.
b. Loss of debit mandate from in transit from point of acceptance of the form to RTA office and further to the unit holder(s) bank and / or branch.
c. Non registration of the debt mandate by the unit holder(s) bank and branch.
d. Deemed registration due to non fonfirmation of registrationof rejection by the bank and any subsequent rejection of the debit of bank account for funds.
e. Non availability of funds in the bank account of the Unit holder(s) at the time debit.
f.Rejection of registrationof transation debit for any reason or without assigning any reason whatsoever.
19) SIP Step Up: By opting for this facility investor can choose to increase the SIP / Micro SIP by a predefined amount at predefined intervals (Half yearly or Yearly). For availing the facility the Investor has to a ) Provide the details of he SIP Step up in the SIP enrolment from. B) Sign the SIP mandate to bank with the Debit type as Maximum Amount, and the amount sufficiently higher to accommodate the maximum stepped up amount. In case the amount mentioned in the mandate falls short of stepped amount, the step up will be cancelled in our records automatically. However, the SIP with the last stepped up amount will continue.c) The minimum step up amount is Rs.500/- and in multiples of Rs.500.d) If step amount is mentioned and frequency is not mentioned the default frequency will be taken as Yearly.e) in case of request for Cancellationof Step up facility received from the investor, the last stepped amount will continue for the rest of the period of SIP unless modified by the investor.
20) Currently, Auto Debt facility is offered only to the investors maintaining the accounts with ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and Dhanalakshmi bnak. Electronic Clearing System will be available in the selected cities as mentioned in the RBI website National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is Direct Electronic Debit mode implemented by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). List of Banks under this mode is available on NPCI website The said list is subject to modifications. The investor agrees to terms and conditions of NACH / Auto Debit  / ECS facility of reserve Bank of India / Banks. If any city / Bank is removed from the above mentioned list, UTI Mutual Fund at its sole discretion will change the mode  of collecting the SIP amounts for the balance period.
21) For Micro SIP only
(I). Applicability and Transactions covered:
a. Micreo SIP is allowed only for those who do not have PAN.
b. Systematic Investment Plans  (SIPs) where aggregate of instalments in a rolling 12 months period or in a financial year i.e. April to March does not axceed Rs.50,000/- will be covered (to be referred as “Micro SIP’ herein)
c. The exemption will be applicable ONLY to investments by individuals (including NRIs but not PIOs) and Minor. HUFs and other categories will not be eligible for Micro SIPs.
d. The exemption is applicable to join holders also.
(II) Procedure:
a. W.e.f 1st January 2012 KYC has become mandatory through KRA.
b. KYC photo ID Proof and Adress Proof should be submitted along with KYC from to any of the official points of acceptance. For details of documents to be submitted pleae visit
(III) a. Micro SIP application will be rejected where it is found that the registration of the application of the application will result in aggregate of Micro SIP instalments in the financial year exceeding Rs. 50,000/- or where there are deficiencies in supporting documents.
b. Rejected application will be sent back to the investor with a deficiency  memo.
c. In case the first Micro SIP instalment is processed (as the cheque may be banked), and the application is found to be defective, the Micro SIP registration will be ceased for future instalments. No refunds will be made for the unts already allotted. Investor will be sent a communication to this effect. However, redemption shall be allowed.
22) Transaction Changes for application through Distributors / Agents only  - In case the subscription amount is Rs. 10,000/- or more and if your Distributor has opted to receive the transaction charges Rs.150/- (for first time mutual fund investor) or Rs.100/- (for investor other than first time mutual fund investor) would be deducted from the subscription amount and paid to the distributor. Units will be issued against the balance amount invested.
23) Multi SIP: Investor can start SIP in multiple schemes  (3 schemes) using the form overleaf with all the parameters suiting his requirement. In case investors wants to register SIP in more than 3 schemes investors may use an additional SIP enrolment from.
24) Change of Bank: Investor needs to submit the UTI SMaRT Form duly filled with the details of new bank details from which the SIP whould be started. Investor must tick the option of Change of Bank in the UTI SMaRT SIP Form and also mention the details of the SIP in which the Change of Bank Details is requested. This form should be submitted at least 21 days prior to the subsequent SIP instalment debit date.
25. Request for Change in SIP Scheme: Investors must use the SIP Service. Request from duly filled in at least 15 days prior to the subsequent SIP instalment date.

Terms and Conditions
The UTI Asset Management Compay Limited (hereinafter called “UTI AMC”) is registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to act as the Investment Manager for the Schemes of UTI Mutual Fund represented through UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UTIMF). 

UTIMF has a dedicated website in the name and style of (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), which provides information and downloads relating to UTIMF including the facility of Online subscription/ redemptions of units and such other services/ facilities as may be made available from time to time. "Website" shall mean the website of UTIMF or any other website which UTIAMC may announce from time to time. 

UTIAMC reserves the right to change, amend or modify the website and/or telephone number as may be intimated from time to time. 

UTIMF through its service provider(s) (hereinafter referred to as "Service Providers") offers the facility called “invest@uti” of transacting on-line through Internet for the convenience of its Unitholders and to help the unitholders to gain access to their portfolio of investments in UTIMF, for administering and managing the same effectively. 

The Terms and Conditions set out below, is a binding contract between the Unitholder/s and UTI AMC for use of various online facilities offered through UTI Mutual Fund’s website through its Investment Manager, UTIAMC and Registrar, Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Registrars'). 

The investor/unitholder (hereinafter called “the User”) hereby confirms that he/ she/they has/have read these Terms and conditions carefully and agree to be legally bound by the same. Any transaction entered by the user using the website will be deemed to have made after reading the Terms and Conditions of the facility, scheme Information Document, Statement of Additional Information, addenda issued till date and Key Information memorandum. 

UTIMF / UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. / UTIAMC shall not be responsible for any errors that may be committed by the Users in the process of conducting any Online Transaction or for error or failure of the transaction over internet due to any network problems. 
Use of the Facility: 

In order to use/access the Facility, the New investors need to invest in any of the UTI MF scheme online and the existing investors need to have Folio in any of the scheme of UTI MF (other than the schemes that are not available for transactions through this facility). The User ID will be the mail ID registered in the Folio/furnished by the investor at the time of new investment. Password will be communicated once the transaction is successful. UTI AMC reserves the right at its sole discretion to deny the User, access to any Facility or any part of a Facility without notice and to decline to provide the products or services to the Users who are in breach of these Terms and Conditions of use. 

The Facility cannot be used: 

a. by the User who is below 18 years of age; or 

b. by any User acting through a Power of Attorney; or 

c. by the user who is residing in Canada or a United States person within the meaning of Regulation(s) under the United States Security Act of 1933, as amended from time to time or of any country not compliant under the FATF Agreements. 

d. Other than Individual category 

e. Using bank account of third party i.e. other than the bank account where 1st unitholder/investor is the account holder 
Important points to be noted: 

The user further agrees & understands that such documents/information including his name, address and specimen signature may be obtained by UTI AMC directly from the user or from any other source to whom such documents have been submitted by the user (for any other purpose); such source may include (in addition to any other source) any R & T agent, any other Mutual Fund, Depository Participant, SEBI registered entity such as KYC Registration Agency (KRA), Unitholder’s Bank(s) etc. The User authorises UTI AMC to rely on such documents/information including his specimen signature obtained from such third party source without counter checking/validating the same with the user and the user shall be deemed to have acknowledged the validity/accuracy of the same. While the specimen signature or such other identity proof would be used by UTI AMC while handling a transaction request from the user other than through the facility, UTI AMC can ask for additional Documents/Information including his specimen signature validated/verified by a third source like his Default Bank, or may call for establishing identity of the investor through in-person verification, etc. The user also authorizes UTI AMC to use this signature for any future transactions received offline from the User.
Bank account related : 

The User can register upto 5 bank accounts under the Folio for receiving payment of redemption/dividend, etc. The User agrees and undertakes to invest from one of registered bank accounts (1st Unitholder/investor’s bank account only). The User may maintain at all times, one or more (upto 5) associated bank account and shall provide details thereof with UTI AMC along with instructions to the respective banks to make payments to UTI AMC on execution of a Transaction for purchasing any Units. The User undertakes to comply with the procedure defined by UTI AMC for submission of such documents as may be prescribed by UTI AMC. In case the units are held under Demat Form then the Bank account details should match with that in the DP account.
Mode of holding: 

Users holding Folios with Single and Anyone or survivor basis can generate online PIN without filling up any document. If the holding basis of the Folio is "Anyone or Survivor", PIN of any one unitholder will be sufficient for conducting any transaction. 

User holding Folios with Joint basis are required to execute a PIN agreement duly signed by all the holders. The PINs shall be issued by the service provider against each Folio Number, after UTIAMC / its service provider satisfies itself that the signature on the PIN Agreement matches with the signature of the Unitholder/s in the record of UTIAMC. A Unitholder having multiple Folios with UTIAMC shall be issued a separate / specific PIN for each Folio. 
Separate PINs shall be issued to the each joint holder under the Folio. Further, PIN of each unitholder will be required to be entered for any transaction. The Users agree that pursuant to this Agreement, the UTIAMC/its service provider will dispatch the PIN allotted to the Unitholder/s, by courier or post, entirely at the risk of the Unitholder/s. The PIN will be dispatched to the Unitholder’s address as recorded with UTIAMC/ its service provider 

The Unitholder shall be responsible to confirm receipt of the PIN to UTIAMC/ its service provider and notify forthwith, in the event of evidence of tampering with the PIN in the course of post, or non-receipt of the PIN, as the case may be. In such an event or in the event of loss of PIN by the unitholder or due to unitholder having forgotten / misplaced the PIN, a request for issue of a duplicate PIN shall be considered only on receipt of a written request from the Unitholder subject to signature verification /validation and compliances of all procedures as may be required by UTIAMC for such purpose. 

The Unitholder may use the same PIN to access various services provided by UTIAMC over the Internet in respect of his folios. 

The unitholder/s shall have a facility/option to change the PIN allotted by the service provider to a PIN of his choice and to make the PINs uniform, in the event of having multiple PINs if the mode of holding is same across all the folio numbers. 

It shall be the sole responsibility of the unitholder/s to ensure adequate protection, confidentiality and secrecy of the user name and password as well as the PIN and any disclosure thereof to any other person shall be entirely at the unitholder’s risk. UTIAMC in such cases will not accept any kind of responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or harm. 

In a case, where, the mode of holding is 'Anyone' or 'Survivor' or 'Joint', any use shall be deemed to have been carried out jointly by all the joint Users. The joint Users agree and confirm that every User has the full and absolute authority to act for and on behalf of all and each of the other joint Users in all matters relating to a Facility. Liability of all the joint Users shall be joint and several and shall be binding on each of the joint Users, their respective legal heirs, successors, executors and permitted assigns. The joint User(s) shall be deemed to have confirmed and ratified all the acts done by any other joint User(s) in relation to a Facility.

The Unitholder/s agrees that the look and feel of the web screen and outputs thereof may differ based on the nature of the software used by the Unitholder to browse the Website. 

The service provider shall ask the Unitholder/s to enter his/her/its user ID and password/PIN or any other transaction specific details before accepting instructions on behalf of UTIAMC. 

The Unitholder confirms and agrees that he/she /they shall at all times be bound by any modification and/or variations made to the Terms and Conditions hereof and as notified on the Website. 

UTIMF/UTIAMC shall not be required to give the Unitholder individually any separate notice of any of the modification and/or variations that have been notified on the Website. 

UTIAMC or the service provider shall have the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms at any time and will endeavor to give prior notice on the website / through email for such changes wherever feasible. 

UTIAMC / its service provider may, in its absolute discretion, decide not to carry out any such transaction where the service provider or UTIAMC has reason to believe that the instructions are not genuine, are unclear, are such as to raise a doubt, are otherwise improper or there is ground to believe that the same is in contravention of any statute/laws in India and cannot be put into effect. 

The User agrees and acknowledges that he/she will take full responsibility for any Transactions executed using a Facility, abide by the records of Transactions maintained by UTI AMC and that such records shall be conclusive proof of such Transaction and shall be binding on the User and may be used as evidence in any proceedings.
Fatca related: 

The Users hereby declare that the Users have understood the nature of questions in the Form and the importance of disclosing all the material information required. The Users further declare that the information is to the best of their knowledge and belief, accurate and complete. Users agree to notify UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI AMC Limited immediately in the event the information in the confirmation changes and further authorize UTI AMC to disclose, share, remit in any form, mode or manner, all / any of the information provided by me / us, including all changes, update to such information as and when provided by me / us to UTI AMC to any Indian or foreign governmental or statutory or judicial authorities / agencies, the tax / revenue authority and other investigation agencies without obligation on advising me / us of the same.
Guidelines got issuance of units: 

According to SEBI Guidelines Mutual Funds are required to follow enhanced Know Your Customer (KYC) norms. Accordingly, it will be mandatory for all categories of users to be KYC Compliant, irrespective of the amount of investment, through any of the SEBI registered KYC Registration Agency (KRA). Users have to further ensure that the manner of name as verified in the application form matches with that on the PAN and KYC. 

Users may refer to our website and AMFI website for the KYC Compliance application form Applications for subscriptions without a valid KYC Compliance for the relevant category of users may be rejected. 

Provided further, where it is not possible to verify the KYC Compliance status of the user at the time of allotment of units, UTI AMC shall verify the KYC Compliance status of the user within a reasonable time after the allotment of units. In case during first time purchase the user's KYC verification/ Compliance is under process, subsequent purchase shall not be permitted till the user is KYC Compliant. 

In the event of non compliance of KYC requirements, UTI AMC reserves the right to freeze the folio of the user(s) for any kind of transactions or affect mandatory redemption of unit holdings of the users at the Applicable NAV, subject to payment of exit load, if any. Users should note that on completion of KYC Compliance all details of the user in the Mutual Fund records will be replaced by the details as given in KYC Application Form by the user to the CVL. Any change in this details like change of Name / Address /Status /Signature, etc. should be given by user directly to KRA in the prescribed Change request form quoting the KYC acknowledgement number / PAN number. UTI AMC reserves the right to call for any additional information from the users/applicant/reject applications/subsequent application in order to fulfill the requirements of PMLA norms prescribed by SEBI/PMLA Regulations from time to time. 

UTI AMC shall issue Units to a User only when the User makes payment for the amount of Transaction executed by such User. If, however, a payment has not been made UTI AMC shall reverse the units, if allotted/ not issue any Units to the User and the Transaction will be treated as cancelled. 

Users who have applied for allotment of units in their Demat Account will be issued units in demat form. Those users whose KYC status is invalid/not complete would be issued units in their Demat Accounts only. Users have to ensure that the sequence of names as mentioned in the application form matches with that of the account held with the Depository Participant. If the details mentioned in the application are incomplete/ incorrect, not matching with the Depository data, then Units will be issued in Physical mode and Statement of Account will be issued to the Unit holder or the allotment would be rejected. 

In case the user desires to redeem, the dematerialized units have to be converted into physical form (represented by statement of account issued by UTI AMC) by submitting an application for Re-materialization of units to the Depository Participant, in such case application for redemption would be considered on the date when physical redemption slip is provided duly signed to UTI AMC. As an alternative, redemption request can be placed through Depository Participants & Exchanges specified intermediaries where NSE MFSS/ BSE STAR platform is available for trading of Mutual Fund Units.
User’s obligation: 

1. The User of a Facility shall not:- 

a. violate any applicable law or encourage or provide instructions to another to do so; 

b. defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others; 

c. post any infringing, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or information; 

d. misrepresent his/her identity; 

e. collect or store personal information about any other person; 

f. send "spam" messages to any other person or UTI AMC; 

g. upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or applications that may damage any other persons computer; 

h. falsify the meta data of the file that is uploaded; 

i. download any file posted by another User; 

j. legally distribute any content from a Facility; or 

k. exit any Facility without logging -off at any time when he/she is not using such Facility (Email ID & Mobile No.) 

2. The User acknowledges and agrees that 

i. he/she is aware of all security risks including possible third party interception of his/her account and the content of his/her account becoming known to third parties; 

ii. understands that the use of any Email ID, Mobile, Facility is not a secure method of viewing, accepting and transmitting information and that it involves security hazards and the risk of any loss of information or obtaining of information or misuse by any third party of his/her account and UTI AMC shall, in no way, be held responsible for the same and shall not be considered as a breach of its or its constituent company's User confidentiality provisions; 

iii. even though his/her Mobile No. is registered under the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC), he/she explicitly permits UTI AMC to send and he/she would like to receive various communications (for products or otherwise), updates, alerts, notifications & UTI AMC shall in no way be held responsible for & the same shall not be considered as a breach of such TRAI Regulations/Guidelines; 

iv. he/she will not use any Facility on an electronic device which belongs to any other person or which is provided to the User by his/her employer, except with such person's or, as the case may be, his/her employer's previous permission. In the event the User does not comply with this provision, UTI AMC shall not be held responsible for any harm or loss caused to any person/User. UTI AMC shall not be held responsible if the electronic device via which the User utilizes a Facility contains software applications, due to which any conflict which may arise resulting into loss of information or any other damage; 

v. he/she is solely responsible to ensure that the PIN/secure information is kept confidential and not revealed/disclosed to any third party, including any person claiming to represent UTI AMC and shall take all possible care to prevent discovery of the PIN/TPIN/secure information by any third person. The User shall immediately communicate to UTI AMC in writing on becoming aware of any loss, misuse or wrongful disclosure to any third party of the PIN/secure information. UTI AMC may in its absolute discretion, issue to the User, a new PIN/secure information on similar terms and conditions or under such terms and conditions as UTI AMC may deem fit; 

vi. he/she is aware of the fact that PIN/TPIN/secure information is generated randomly at the back-office of UTI AMC or of the Registrar or such authorized entity and shall be changed by the User when accessing a Facility for the first time; 

vii. In future, UTI AMC may require him/her to define and maintain electronic (including digital) signatures from such service providers including authentication of the electronic transaction record by "click"/"I Accept"/"Submit" affirmation etc. as UTI AMC may require to authenticate all electronic Transactions made through the website of UTI AMC and he/she shall be responsible for keeping the said electronic signatures confidential and secure and that UTI AMC shall not be held responsible for any misuse of such signatures and any loss or damage arising there from; 

viii. He/she shall be bound by all the provisions and notifications issued by SEBI Information Technology Act 2000 or any other regulatory body. He/she shall be bound by his 'signature' that UTI AMC may seek from CVL as part of his additional documents/information for doing any transaction outside the usage of the facility. He/she further agrees that he/she will provide such verification/validation as UTI AMC may desire. 

ix: In relation to the Transactions entered into by the User using a Facility and any additional right or obligation created therein. He/she shall be bound by his declarations and authority provided to CVL while seeking compliance under the KYC procedure including disclosing/sharing/remitting his/her information to the Mutual Fund. 

x: In case of any discrepancy in the details of any Transaction executed in respect of the User Accounts, the User shall be obliged to intimate such discrepancy to UTI AMC/its Registrar in writing within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the Statement of Account/payment in respect of the his/her Folio failing which, such Statement will deemed to be correct and accepted by the User.

All rights in the design, text, graphics, process/procedure, communication and other material on any Facility and the selection or arrangement thereof are the copyrights of UTI AMC or other third parties. Permission is granted to the User to copy and print (to the extent permitted) in hard copy portions of any Facility solely in connection with the Transactions through a Facility. Any other use of the content on the Facility (including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above and alteration, modification, distribution, or republication) without prior written permission of UTI AMC is strictly prohibited.
Third party rights: 

The User acknowledges and agrees that the representations and warranties are intended to grant rights to, and operate for the benefit of, all the service providers to a Facility and that each such service provider may rely upon and enforce such representations and warranties against the User.

UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or the service provider shall not be liable for any unauthorized usage of the PIN the Unit holder/s fully indemnifies and holds UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and the service provider harmless against any action, suit, proceedings initiated against them or any loss, cost or damage incurred by them as a result thereof. Further, UTIMF,UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or the service provider shall not be liable in any manner for any misuse, if any, of any data accessed through the CallCenter by third parties 

UTI AMC shall not be liable to the User for any breach of these Terms and Conditions of use or any failure to provide or delay in providing the products or services through a Facility resulting from any event or circumstance beyond reasonable control of UTI AMC including, without limitation, strikes, lock-outs and other industrial disputes, breakdown of systems or network access, fire, explosion or accident.

Without prejudice to any other provisions of these Terms and conditions, UTIMF, UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or its service provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with the services and/or these Terms and conditions, including without limitation any: 

1. Loss of data; 

2. Interruption or stoppage to the unitholder’s access to and/or use of the Call Center / website UTIMF UTI Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd., UTIAMC and / or its service provider shall also not be responsible for any failure on part of the unit holder to utilize the facility due to the Unit Holder not being within the geographical range within which the Facility is offered. 

UTIAMC or the Registrars, the service provider have the absolute discretion to withdraw/amend the services provided, or amend or supplement any of the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to the Unit holder. 

UTI AMC is not responsible or liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitations, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, or damage to computer hardware or loss of data information or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use a Facility and its content, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not, such organisations or entities were advised of the possibility of such damages.
Applicable law and Jurisdiction: 

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of India. All or any dispute or differences arising between UTI AMC and the User, to the extent possible, be settled amicably by prompt negotiation between his/her respective representatives. In the event of any failure to settle the dispute by mutual negotiations within 30 days of the commencement of the negotiations, the same shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the provisions for the time being in force of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 of India or any amendment or reenactment thereof. UTI AMC and the User to the dispute shall jointly appoint a sole arbitrator. If within 15 days from the date of reference of the dispute to the arbitration, they are unable to jointly appoint a sole arbitrator, then, in that event, the appointment of the arbitrator shall be made in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 of India or any amendment or reenactment thereof. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the city of Mumbai and the language of the arbitration shall be English.

The User agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless UTI AMC, his/her officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from 

a. the use of a Facility; or 

b. the breach or non compliance of any of the Terms and Conditions of; or 

c. any illegal, unauthorized, fraudulent usage or misuse of User's PIN/TPIN/secure information; or 

d. all requests carrying the User's PIN/TPIN/secure information as evidenced by electronic records available at UTI AMC; or 

e. the use of a Facility on an electronic device which belongs to any other person or which is provided to the User by his/her employer without such person's or, as the case may be, his/her employer's previous permission.
Grievance registration: 

In case of User grievances in relation to the Transactions executed using any Facility, the User has an option either to write an email on or call 1-800- 22-1230 (toll free) detailing the grievance so as to allow UTI AMC to take appropriate action on the same.

If the Unitholder/s wishes to terminate this Agreement and disable the PIN, The Unitholder/s may terminate the PIN Facility by making an application (hereinafter referred to as "the said Application") to UTIAMC / Registrar in writing and signed by her/him along with all the Joint Holders, if any.UTIAMC / Registrar shall disable the User ID and the PIN granted to such Joint Unitholders, if any, at any time within a period of 10 business days from the date of receipt of the said Application. 

UTI AMC may terminate access to a Facility for any User if he/she is in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions and in particular upon any failure by such User to pay his/her subscription charges, if any, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Mumbai

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Phone: 01572-271044

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Uttar Pradesh

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0562-2858046

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0571-2741511

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0532-2561037

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0581-2303014

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0551-2204996

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0512-2304278

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0522-2238628

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0542-2226881

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Bihar

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0641-2300040

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 06272-250033

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0631-2221623

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0621-2265091

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0612-2200047

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
North East
Phone: 0381-2917123

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
North East
Phone: 0361-2545870

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
North East
Phone: 0364-250091

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
North East
Phone: 03842-230082

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
North East
Phone: 0374-2341026

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Orrissa and Jharkhand

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 06782-241894

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Berhampur (orris),
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0680-2225094

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0674-2396995

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 06542-323865

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0671-2315350

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0326-6451971

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0657-2321446

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0661-2401116

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Orrissa and Jharkhand
Phone: 0663-2520214

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in West Bengal

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 033-25844623

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 0342-2647722

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Berhampore (WB)
West Bengal
Phone: 03482-277163

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 0343-2546831

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 033-25025136

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 03222-228518

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Kolkata (Main)
West Bengal
Phone: 033-2243657

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 03512-223724

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Rash Behari,
West Bengal
Phone: 24639811

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Salt Lake
West Bengal
Phone: 033-23371985

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 033-26529153

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
West Bengal
Phone: 0353-2535199

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Andhra Pradesh

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 08562-222121

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0863-2333818

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Hyderabad (Main)
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 040-24750381

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0861-2335818

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 040-23417246

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0883-2440454

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone; 0866-2444819

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0891-2550275

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0870-2441099

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Karnataka

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Banglore (Main)

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone; 0831-2423637

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 08392-255635

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 08192-231731

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 08472-273864

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0836-2363963

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone; 080-22440837

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 08023340672

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0824-2426258

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Phone: 0821-2344425

Address and Phone numbers of UTI Mutual Fund/ UTI Financial Centres in Tamil Nadu

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Anna Nagar,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 044-65720030

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Chennai (Main),
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0484-2380259

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0422-2244974

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0427-2336163

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
T Nagar,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 044-65720011

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0431-2770712

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0462-2500186

UTI Mutual Fund  / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0421-2236339

Unit Trust of India / UTI Financial Centre,
Tamil Nadu
Phone: 0416-2235357

UTI Thiruvananthapuram Kerala - Helpful Links

Investing online

Investing online, also known as online trading or trading online, is a process by which individual investors and traders buy and sell securities over an electronic network, typically with a brokerage firm. This type of trading and investing has become the norm for individual investors and traders since late 1990s with many brokers offering services via a wide variety of online trading platforms.

Prior to the Internet, investors had to place an order through a stockbroker, in person or via telephone. The brokerage firm then entered the order in their system, which was linked to trading floors and exchanges.

In 1985, Trade*Plus offered a retail trading platform on America Online and Compuserve, and in 1991 one of its founders, William Porter, created a new subsidiary company called E*Trade Securities, Inc.[1]

In August 1994, K. Aufhauser & Company, Inc. (later acquired by TD Ameritrade) became the first brokerage firm to offer online trading via its "WealthWEB".[2][non-primary source needed] Online investing has experienced significant growth since that time. Investors could now enter orders directly online, or even trade with other investors via electronic communication networks (ECN). Some orders entered online are still routed through the broker, allowing agents to approve or monitor the trades. This step helps protect both the client and brokerage firm from unlawful or incorrect trades that could affect the client’s portfolio or the stockbroker’s license. This doesn’t signify that trading within state’s law limits is also permitted in a moral religious context, as the social and legal endorsement does not exempt each individual from moral responsibility to avoid speculative forms morally reprehensible.

Online brokers in the US are often referred to as discount brokers but in Europe and Asia many so-called online brokers work with high-net-worth individuals. Their popularity is attributable to the speed and ease of their online order entry, and to fees and commissions significantly lower than those of full service brokerage firms within the US. Two types of online brokerages have emerged in the US in the mid-2000s: those offering direct-access trading on exchanges, and those that route orders to market maker firms to have their orders filled.

Tools and trading platform
Investors who trade through an online brokerage firm are provided with a online trading platform. The online trading platform acts as the hub, allowing investors to purchase and sell such securities as fixed income, equities/stock, options, and mutual funds. Included with the platform are tools to track and monitor securities, portfolios and indices, as well as research tools, real-time streaming quotes and up-to-date news releases—all of which are necessary to trade profitably. Often, more robust research tools are available such as full, in-depth analyst reports and analysis, and customized backtesting and screeners to see how particular investment strategies would have been realized during different historical periods

In all investments, there is a risk of investment fraud. This risk can increase for online brokers where the investor does not have a personal relationship and the broker may be located in a different jurisdiction. For this reason some financial regulators warn potential investors to research the online brokers they plan to employ, assuring that those firms are licensed within their state, provincial or national jurisdiction. Informed investors are less likely to fall victim to unlawful securities schemes, such as the so-called "boiler room" scam. The US Federal Government provides practical tips to avoid investment scams via their OnGuard Online website. This website cautions investors to be wary of internet newsletters, investing blogs, or bulletin boards. Stock manipulators often float false information and "hot tips" on these sites, as part of an effort to affect the price of shares in a particular security. Investors are also advised to turn to unbiased sources when researching investments. In the US, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (via their EDGAR database) is one example.[3]

Online investors typically invest without help from a trained stockbroker or investment adviser, and may not fully understand the potential risks of investing in a particular security. Inexperienced investors are easy prey for stock manipulators and pump and dump schemes often associated with penny stocks. For this reason, many online brokers offer a number of investment tools to educate and inform new investors.

Investment selection
Many online brokers provide tools to help investors research and select potential investments. There are also numerous third party providers of information, such as Yahoo! Finance and ADVFN. Other reputable sites provide information on business sectors, news and financial statements of individual companies, and basic tutorials on subjects such as diversification, basic portfolio theory, and the mitigation of risk associated with volatility in the stock market.

Address and Phone numbers of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Office,
Museum Junction, Near Palayam
Vikas Bhavan P.O.
Phone: 0471 - 2320821, 2320894, 2320785, 2320113, 2320597, 232047

Fort Zonal Office
Fort Junction, Fort P.O,
Phone: 0471-2472937

Wards:  Sreevaraham, Manacaud, Fort, Chala, Ambalathara, Attukal, Kuriathi, Kalippankulam, Kamaleswaram, Kaladi, Poonthura, Puthenpalli, Manikyavilakom, Beemapalli, Beemapalli East, Muttathara, Valiyathura, Vallakkadavu

Attipra Zonal Office
Kulathoor, Moonnattumukku Junction,
Kulathoor P O,
Phone : 0471-2418350

Wards: Pallithura, Kulathoor, Attipra, Poundkadavu
Ulloor Zonal Office
Pongummoodu Junction,
Ulloor P O,
Phone : 0471-2447482

Wards: Cheruvaikal, Akkulam,  Edavakkod, Mannanthala, Nalanchira, Ulloor

Kadakampalli Zonal Office
Anayara Juncion,
Anayara P O,
Phone : 0471-2552897

Wards: Anamukham, Karikkakom, Kadakampalli

Thiruvallam Zonal Office
School Junction, Thiruvallam P O,
Phone : 0471-2382782

Wards: Thiruvallam, Punchakari, Poonkulam, Vellar

Nemom Zonal Office
Nemon, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone: 0471-2391703

Wards:  Estate, Pappanamcode, Nemom, Ponnumangalam, Melamcode

Vizhinjam Zonal Office
Vizhinjam, Thiruvananthapuram.

Wards: Venganoor, Mulloor, Kottapuram, Vizhinjam, Harbar

Kazhakuttom Zonal Office,
Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone: 0471-2418252
Wards: Kazhakuttom, Chanthavila, Kaattayikonam

Sreekariam Zonal Office,
Wards: Chellamangalam, Chempazhanthy, Powdikonam, Njandoorkonam, Sreekaryam

Kudappanakkunnu Zonal Office
Kudappanakkunnu P.O,
Phone: 0471-2733311

Wards: Kinavoor, Kudappanakunnu, Pathirappally, Chettivilakam
Vattiyoorkavu Zonal Office
Phone: 0471-2360134

Wards: Thuruthummoola, Nettayam, Kachani, Vazhottukonam, Kodunganoor

Address and Phone Mumber of Muncipalities in Thiruvananthapuram District

Attingal Minicipality
Attingal P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram -695101
Phone: 0470-2622665.

Varkala Minicipality
Phone: 0470-2603115

Neyyattinkara Minicipality
Phone: 0471-2222242

Nedumangad Minicipality
Nedumangad P.O,
Phone: 0472-2812380

Address and Phone Numbers of Panchayats in Trivandrum District

Parassala Block

Parassala Grama PanchayatParassala P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695502
Office Phone: 0471-2202033

Karode Grama Panchayat
Karode P.O
Office Phone:0471-2215067

Kulathur Grama PanchayatUchakada P.O.
Office Phone:0471-2210089

Chenkal Grama Panchayat
Udiyankulangara, Amaravila P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695122
Office Phone:0471-2232260

Thirupuram Grama Panchayat
Thirupuram P.O., Pazhayakada
Thiruvananthapuram- 695133
Office Phone:0471-2260738

Poovar Grama Panchayat
Poovar P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695525
Office Phone:0471-2210032

Perumkadavila  Block

Vellarada Grama PanchayatPanachamood P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695505
Office Phone:0471-2242042

Kunnathukal Grama Panchayat
Karakkonam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695504
Office Phone:0471-2250235

Kollayil Grama Panchayat
Dhanuvachapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram- 695503
Office Phone:0471-2232383

Perumkadavila Grama Panchayat
Perumkadavila P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695124
Office Phone:0471-2275258

Aryancode Grama Panchayat
Ottasekharamangalam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram- 695125
Office Phone:0471-2255226

Ottasekharamangalam Grama Panchayat
Ottasekharamangalam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695125
Office Phone:0471-2255238

Kallikkad Grama Panchayat
Neyyardam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695572
Office Phone:0471-2272339

Amboori Grama PanchayatAmboori P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695505
Office Phone:0471-2245242

Athiyannoor  Block

Athiyannoor Grama Panchayat
Kamukinkode, Kodangavila P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695123
Office Phone:0471-2222367

Kanjiramkulam Grama Panchayat
Kanjiramkulam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 524
Office Phone:0471-2260031

Karumkulam Grama Panchayat
Puthiyathura P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695526
Office Phone:0471-2210042

Kottukal Grama Panchayat
Kottukal P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695501
Office Phone:0471-2268236

Vizhinjam Grama Panchayat
Vizhinjam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695521
Office Phone:0471-2480226

Venganoor Grama Panchayat
Venganoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695523
Office Phone:0471-2480256

Nemom  Block

Maranalloor Grama Panchayat
Pongummoodu, Koovalassery P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695512
Office Phone:0471-2298354

Balaramapuram Grama Panchayat
Balaramapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695501
Office Phone:0471-200342

Pallichal Grama Panchayat
Vedivechancoil P.O
Thiruvananthapuram - 695501
Office Phone:0471-2400368

Malayinkeezh Grama Panchayat
Malayinkeezh P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram- 695571
Office Phone:0471-2282021

Vilappil Grama Panchayat
Peyad P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695573
Office Phone:0471-2289127

Vilavoorkal Grama Panchayat
Malayinkeezh P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 571
Office Phone :0471-2282055

Kalliyoor Grama Panchayat
Kalliyoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695042
Office Phone :0471-2400258

Thiruvananthapuram  Rural Block

Vattiyoorkavu Grama Panchayat
Nettayam, Kachani P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695013
Office Phone:0471-2360134

Kudappanakunnu Grama Panchayat
Peroorkada P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695005
Office Phone:0471-2733311

Kazhakuttom Block

Sreekariyam Grama Panchayat
Sreekariyam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695017
Office Phone:0471-2598392

Pothencode Grama Panchayat
Pothencode P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695584
Office Phone:0471-2419238

Mangalapuram Grama PanchayatThonnakkal P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695333
Office Phone:0471-2420261

Andoorkonam Grama Panchayat
Kaniyapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695301
Office Phone:0471-2750251

Kadinamkulam Grama Panchayat
Chittattumukku P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695588
Office Phone:0471-2750249

Kazhakoottam Grama PanchayatKazhakoottam P.O
Thiruvananthapuram - 695582
Office Phone:0471-2418252

Vellanad Block

Kattakkada Grama Panchayat
Kattakkada P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695572
Office Phone:0471-2290337

Vellanad Grama PanchayatVellanad P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695543
Office Phone :0472-2882034

Poovachal Grama PanchayatPoovachal P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695575
Office Phone:0472-2896338

Aryanad Grama PanchayatAryanad P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695542
Office Phone:0472-2852029

Vithura Grama Panchayat
Vithura P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695551
Office Phone:0472-2856221

Kuttichal Grama PanchayatKuttichal P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695574
Office Phone:0472-2852024

Uzhamalakkal Grama Panchayat
Paruthikuzhy P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695541
Office Phone:0472-2899026

Tholicode Grama PanchayatTholicode P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695541
Office Phone :0472-2879374

Nedumangad  Block

Karakulam Grama Panchayat
Karakuam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695564
Office Phone:0471-2372046

Aruvikkara Grama PanchayatAruvikkara P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695564
Office Phone:0472-2888225

Vembayam Grama Panchayat
Konchira P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695615
Office Phone:0472-2832025

Anad Grama Panchayat
Anad P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695544
Office Phone:0472-2802375

Panavoor Grama Panchayat
Panavoor P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695568
Office Phone:0472-2865761

Vamanapuram Block

Vamanapuram Grama PanchayatVamanapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695606
Office Phone:0472-2835034

Manickal Grama PanchayatPirappancode P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695607
Office Phone:0472-2582046

Nellanad Grama PanchayatVenjaramoodu P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695607
Office Phone:0472-2872031

Pullampara Grama Panchayat
Pullampara P.O., Venjaramood (Via)
Thiruvananthapuram - 695607
Office Phone:0472- 2829061

Nanniyode Grama PanchayatPacha P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695562
Office Phone:0472-2840224

Peringammala Grama Panchayat
Peringanmala P.O., Nedumangad
Thiruvananthapuram - 695563
Office Phone:0472-2845532

Kallara Grama PanchayatKallara P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695608
Office Phone:0472-2860240

Pangode Grama PanchayatPangode P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695609
Office Phone:0472-2869241

Kilimanoor Block

Pulimath Grama PanchayatKarette, Vamanapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695606
Office Phone:0470-2836252

Karavaram Grama PanchayatKaravaram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695605
Office Phone:0470-2692042

Nagaroor Grama PanchayatNagaroor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695618
Office Phone:0470-2672242

Pazhayakunnummel Grama PanchayatKilimanoor P.O
Thiruvananthapuram - 695601
Office Phone:0470-2672335

Kilimanoor Grama PanchayatKilimanoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695601
Office Phone:0470-2672222

Navaikulam Grama PanchayatNavaikulam P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695603
Office Phone:0470-2692022

Madavoor Grama PanchayatMadavoor, Pallickal P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695602
Office Phone:0470-2682022

Pallickal Grama PanchayatPallickal, Kilimanoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695604
Office Phone:0470-2682049

Chirayinkeezh Block

Azhoor Grama PanchayatPerunguzhy P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695305
Office Phone:0470-2836252

Chirayinkeezh Grama PanchayatChirayinkeezh P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695304
Office Phone:0470-2640334

Kadakkavoor Grama PanchayatKadakkavoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695306
Office Phone:0470-2656632

Vakkom Grama Panchayat
Vakkom P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695308
Office Phone:0470-2653637

Anjuthengu Grama PanchayatAnjuthengu P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695309
Office Phone:0470-2656652

Kizhuvilam Grama PanchayatMudapuram P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695314
Office Phone:0470-2640342

Mudakkal Grama PanchayatMudakkal P.O.
Avanavanchery (Via)
Thiruvananthapuram - 695103
Office Phone:0470- 2639055

Varkala Block

Vettoor Grama Panchayat   
Mel Vettoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695312
Office Phone:0470-2602380

Cherunniyoor Grama PanchayatCherunniyoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695142
Office Phone:0470- 2602365

Edava Grama PanchayatEdava P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695311
Office Phone:0470-2660083

Ilakamon Grama Panchayat
Ayiroor P.O., Varkala
Thiruvananthapuram - 695310
Office Phone:0470-2667611

Chemmaruthy Grama Panchayat
Panayara P.O., Sreenivasapuram
Thiruvananthapuram - 695145
Office Phone:0470- 2602377

Manampore Grama PanchayatKavalayoor P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695144
Office Phone:0470- 2689044

Ottoor Grama PanchayatOttoor, Manampore P.O.
Thiruvananthapuram - 695611
Office Phone:0470- 2689061

Block Panchayats

Athiyannur Block Development Office,
Athiyannur, Aralummoodu P.O
Pin: 695123
Phone: 0471 2462361

Chirayinkeezhu Block Development Office,
Mudapuram P.O
Phone: 0470 2640219

Kazhakuttam Block Development Office,
Kazhakuttom  P.O,
Pin: 695582
Phone: 0471 2418258

Kilimanoor Block Development Office,
Kilimanoor   P.O,
Phone: 0470 2672232

Nedumangad Block Development Office,
Venkavila,Pazhakudy P.O.
Phone: 0472 2802307

Nemom Block Development Office,
Malayinkeezh P.O,
Pin: 695571
Phone: 0471 2282025

Parassala Block Development Office,
Parassala  P.O,
Pin:695 502
Phone: 0471 2202084

Perumkadavila Block Development Office,
Perumkadavila Perumkadavila P.O,
0471 2275306

Thiruvananthapuram Rural Block Development Office, 
TVM Rural, Vattiyoorkavu P.O
Phone: 0471 2360661

Vamanapuram Block Development Office,
Vamanapuram Venjaramoodu P.O,
Phone: 0472 2872062

Varkala Block Development Office,
Cherunniyoor P.O,
Phone: 0470 2602336

Vellanad Block Development Office,
Vellanad P.O,
Phone: 0472 2882040

Phone numbers of Village Offices in Trivandrum / Thiruvananthapuram District

Andoorkonam Village Office - 0471-2755944
Attipra Village Office  - 0471-2596628
Ayiroopara Village Office  - 0471-2719944
Cheruvakkal Village Office  -  0471-2554414
Kadakampally Village Office  - 0471-2743671
Kadinamkulam Village Office  - 0471-2754544
Kalliyoor Village Office -  0471-2408344
Kazhakoottam Village Office - 0471-2416644
Keezhthonakkal Village Office  - 0471-2719844
Kowdiar Village Office   - 0471-2313595
Kudappanakunnu Village Office  - 0471-2539260
Manacaud Village Office  - 0471-2451570
Melthonnkkal Village Office  - 0471-2709492
Menamkulam Village Office - 0471-2705344
Muttathara Village Office  -0471-2451580
Nemom Village Office  -  0471-2394244                                                     
Pallipuram Village Office  - 0471-2752844
Pangappara Village Office - 0471-2596631
Pattom Village Office  - 0471-2554418
Peroorkada Village Office -  0471-2367380
Pettah Village Office  - 0471-2465456
Sasthamangalam Village Office - 0471-2313594
Thirumala Village Office - 0471-2359217
Thiruvallam Village Office - 0471-2381052
Thycaud Village Office  - 0471-2339885
Uliyazhthura Village Office  - 0471-2596630
Ulloor Village Office  - 0471-2554405
Vanchiyoor Village Office  - 0471-2465480
Vattiyoorkavu Village Office -  0471-2367063
Veiloor Village Office -  0471-2425759
Venganoor Village Office - 0471-2488444

Amboori Village Office -  0471-2246444
Anavoor Village Office -  0471-2251844
Athiyannoor Village Office -  0471-2221244
Chenkal Village Office  -  0471-2233444
Kallikad Village Office - 0471-2272944
Kanjiramkulam Village Office - 0471-2264544         
Karode Village Office -  0471-2216744
Karumkulam Village Offic - 0471-2214944
Keezharoor Village Office - 0471-2257111
Kollayil Village Office - 0471-2233344
Kottukal Village Office - 0471-2401844
Kulathoor Village Office  - 0471-2216544
Kulathummal Village Office - 0471-2295344
Kunnathukal Village Office -  0471-2251889
Malayinkeezhu  Village Office -  0471-2280744
Maranalloor Village Office - 0471-2298744
Neyyattinkara Village Office -  0471-2221444
Ottasekharamangalam Village Office - 0471-2257444
Pallichal Village Office  -  0471-2395870
Parassala Village Office - 0471-2201777
Parasuvakkal Village Office - 0471-2233305
Perumkadavila Village Offic - 0471-2277044
Perumpazhuthoor Village Office - 0471-2220744
Thirupuram Village Office - 0471-2263244
Vazhichal Village Office - 0471-2271344
Vellarada Village Office - 0471-2243444
Vilappil Village Office - 0471-2286234
Vilavoorkal Village Office -  0471-2280944
Vizhinjam Village Office - 0471-2486644

Anad Village Office  -  0472-2814724
Aruvikkara  Village Office - 0472-2887492
Aryanad  Village Offic e - 0472-2851144
Kallara Village Office  - 0472-2863336
Karakulam Village Office - 0472-2370531
Karipooru Village Office  - 0472-2814760
Koliyakkod Village Office - 0471-2581221
Kuruppuzha Village Office - 0472-2842444
Manikkal Village Office - 0472-2581224
Mannoorkara Village Office - 0472-2853341
Nedumangad Village Office -  0472-2814716
Nellanad Village Office -  0472-2875644
Palode Village Office - 0472-2842044
Panavoor Village Office - 0472-2866611
Pangode Village Office - 0472-2868344
Peringammala Village Office - 0472-2846944
Perumkulam Village Office - 0472-2884325
Pullampara Village Office - 0472-2875244
Thekkada Village Office - 0472-2831060
Thennoor Village Office - 0472-2849344
Tholikkode Village Office  -  0472-2859644
Uzhamalakkal  Village Office -  0472-2898844
Vamanapuram Village Office -  0472-2837513
Vattapara Village Office - 0471-2585741
Veeranakavu Village Office -  0472-
Vembayam Village Office - 0472-2831061
Vellanad Village Office -  0472-2884323
Vithura Village Office - 0472-2859244

Alamcode Village Office -   0470- 2627244
Avanavancheri  Village Office - 0470-2626844
Ayiroor Village Office - 0470-2668444
Azhoor Village Office -  0470-2643444
Chemmaruthi Village Office -  0470-2156565
Edakodu Village Office - 0470-2632044
Edava Village Office -  0470-2664344
Elamba - Mudakkal Village Office - 0470-2638344
Kadakkavoor Village Office -  0470-2659444
Karavaram Village Office - 0470-2698244
Keezhattingal Village Office -  0470-2628544
Kilimanoor Village Office -  0470-2674844
Kizhuvilam – Koonthalloor Village Office - 0470-2645544
Koduvazanoor Village Office - 0470-2677444
Kudavoor Village Office - 0470-2698044
Madavoor Village Office - 0470-2682122
Manamboor Village Office - 0470-2687111
Nagaroor Village Office - 0470-2677544
Navayikulam Village Office - 0470-2698144
Ottoor Village Office -  0470-2647388
Pallikkal Village Office - 0470-2685222
Pazhayakunnummel Village Office - 0470-2675244
Pulimath Village Office - 0470-2838907
Sarkara Village Office -  0470-2646444
Vakkom Village Office -  0470-2655444
Varkala Village Office - 0470-2611844

Vellalloor Village Office -  0470-2651344
Vettoor-Cherunniyoor Village Office - 0470-2611744

Address and Phone numbers of Registrar Offices in Thiruvananthapuram / Trivandrum District Under Registration Department, Govt of Kerala

District Registrar General Office Thiruvananthapuram
Address: Transport Bhavan, Fort P.O Thiruvananthapuram -695023
Phone: 0471-2471868

District Registrar Audit Office, Thiruvananthapuram
Address: Transport Bhavan,  Fort P.O, Thiruvananthapuram -695024
Phone: 0471-2471869

Sub Registrar Office, Amaravila
Address: Amaravila P.O, Trivandrum -695122
Phone: 0471-2234399

Sub Registrar Office, Aryanadu
Address: Near Post Office, Aryanad P.O, Thiruvananthapuram,
Phone: 0472-2851940

Sub Registrar Office, Attingal
Address: Kacherry Junction, Attingal P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695101
Phone: 0470-2623320

Sub registrar Office, Balaramapuram
Address: Thenpamuttam, Balaramapuram P.O, Trivandrum.
Phone: 0471-2403022

Sub Registrar Office, Challai
Address: Near Killippalam Bridge, Karamana P.O, Thiruvananthapuram
Phone: 0471-2345473

Sub Registrar Office, Chirayinkeezhu
Address: Chirayinkil.P.O., Trivandrum 695304
Phone: 0470-2645060

Sub Registrar Office, Kadakkavoor
Address:: Near Kadakkavoor Railway Station, Kadakkavoor P.O,
Thiruvananthapuram.- 695306
Phone: 0470-2658570

Sub Registrar Office, Kallara
Address: Kallara, Trivandrum-695608
Phone: 0472-2860140

Sub Registrar Office, Kanjiramkulam
Address: Kanjiramkulam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695524
Phone: 0471-2264143

Sub Registrar Office, Kanyakulangara
Address: Kanyakulangara, Vembayam P.O. Trivandrum-695615

Sub Registrar Office, Karakulam
Address: Azhikkode, Chekkakonam.P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695564
Phone: 0472-2886289

Sub Registrar Office, Kattakkada
Address: Kattakkada P.O., Trivandrum – 695572
Phone: 0471-2292484

Sub Registrar Office Kavalayoor
Address: Near Panchayath Office, Kulamuttam P.O
Phone: 0470-2687222

Sub Registrar Office, Kazhakkuttam
Address: Kazhakkuttam .P.O,

Sub Registrar Office, Kilimanoor
Address: RRV HSS Jn, Kilimanoor.P.O.,
Phone: 0470-2670085

Sub Registrar Office, Kulathur
Address: Nalloorvattam, Plamoottikkada.P.O,
Kulathur, Trivandrum.
Phone: 0471-2218567

Sub Registrar Office, Kunnathukal
Address: Karattonam P.O.,
Phone: 0471-2251302

Sub Registrar Office, Malayinkeezhu
Address: Malayinkeezhu P.O,
Phone: 0471-2285546

Sub Registrar Office, Murukkumpuzha
Address: Panoorthooppu, Murukkumpuzha P.O,
Phone: 0471-2420100

Sub Registrar Office, Nagaroor
Address: Altharamoodu,
Phone: 0470-2679300

Sub Registrar Office, Navaikulam
Address: Near Temple, Navaikulam P.O,
Phone: 0470-2694080

Sub Registrar Office,  Nedumangad
Address: Civil Station, Nedumangad,
Phone: 0472-2803564

Sub Registrar Office, Nemom
Address: Nemom P.O,
Phone: 0471-2394242

Sub Registrar Office, Neyyattinkara
Address: Hospital Jn, Neyyattinkara P.O,
Phone: 0471-2225259

Sub Registrar Office, Ooruttambalam
Address:: Ooruttambalam.P.O,
Phone: 0471-2297949

Sub Registrar Office, Ooruttambalam
Address: Ooruttambalam P.O, Trivandrumn -695571
Phone: 0471-2297949

Sub Registrar Office, Ottasekharamangalam
Address: Poozhanadu P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695125
Phone: 0471-2257505

Sub Registrar Office, Palode
Address: Palode-Pacha P.O, Trivandrum-695562
Phone: 0472-2842666

Sub Registrar Office, Parassala
Address: Parassala P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695502
Phone: 0471-2203311

Sub Registrar Office, Pattom
Address: Muttada, Muttada P.O, Trivandrum-695025
Phone: 0471-2540870

Sub Registrar Office, Pattom
Address: Muttada, Muttada P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695025
Phone: 0471-2540870

Sub Registrar Office, Perumkadavila
Address: Perumkadavila.P.O, Trivandrum-695124
Phone: 0471-2278230

Sub Registrar Office, Poovar
Address: Poovar P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695525
Phone: 0471-2214077

Sub Registrar Office, Pothencode
Address: Pothencode P.O, Trivandrum-695584
Phone: 0471-2716322

Sub Registrar Office, Sasthamangalam
Address: Sasthamangalam P.O, Thiruvananthapuram-695010
Phone: 0471-2728969

Sub Registrar Office, Thiruvallam
Address: Thiruvallam P.O, Trivandrum-695027
Phone: 0471-2381018

Sub Registrar Office, Thiruvananthapuram Pri
Address: Transport Bhavan, Fort P.O,
Phone: 0471-2450425

Sub Registrar Office, Vamanapuram
Address: Vamanapuram P.O, Trivandrum-695606
Phone: 0472-2837171

Sub Registrar Office, Varkala
Address: Maithanam, Varkala P.O,

Sub Registrar Office, Vellanad
Address: Near KSRTC Bus Stand, Vellanad P.O,
Phone: 0472-2884662

Sub Registrar Office, Vellarada
Address: Vellarada P.O,
Phone: 0471-2243700

Sub Registrar Office, Venganoor
Address: Venganoor P.O,
Phone: 0471-2487700

Sub Registrar Office, Vithura
Address: Vithura P.O,
Phone: 0472-2859444